Cayenne Pepper Extract

The greatest benefit of using cayenne pepper in natural medicine comes from cayenne’s ability to rapidly stimulate the circulatory system and deliver fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart and other organs in the body. When used properly, cayenne “opens up” capillaries allowing vitalized blood to reach areas that it may not normally reach due to poor circulation.

Clinical and anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that cayenne pepper can be utilized to carry other substances, such as herbs and other nutrients, into the bloodstream – and sometimes within seconds. Extensive clinical studies conducted with cayenne pepper and Ginkgo Biloba demonstrate that Ginkgo is 75% more effective when used with cayenne.

As a rescue remedy cayenne has been used to help victims of heart attack-the cayenne delivering vital nutrients directly to the heart within seconds of intake. Cayenne also will stop bleeding in any region of the body (useful for severe wounds!) just by taking it by mouth. Sound too good to be true? This stuff is an adaptogen for anything related to the circulatory system. It can both dilate and constrict blood vessels, aiding the body in any physical condition deemed necessarily to maintain balance.

Cayenne is best used in tincture or whole form. Capsules are not as easily assimilated into the body and can cause severe stomach pain if taken without food. If combined with peppermint or ginger extract, cayenne should not cause stomach irritation.

Benefits of Adding Cayenne Pepper to Your Diet:

Increased circulation resulting in optimum heart health, skin health (increased circulation helps skin look refreshed, healthy, helps prevent skin conditions such as acne), MAJOR immune support (cayenne helps kill off bacterial and viral infections), weight loss (helps to stimulate metabolism), a great colon-health provider, cleanses organs, cayenne loosens mucus in the lungs and throughout the body–eliminating infections from the system, relieves headaches, and treats colds.

A Cold Remedy:

Cayenne extract works as a great cold remedy. As soon as you start feeling a cold coming on, doctors suggest gargling cayenne ext. every fifteen minutes until the tickle goes away–and it will. If you’re consistent, the cold will leave. Cayenne kills off viral and bacterial infections and loosens mucus–completely destroying your cold.

Cayenne Pepper Tea for Congestion
David Conway recommends making a tea using cayenne pepper in his book The Magic of Herbs. Mix a cup of boiling water and 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper and honey to taste. Allow the mixture to stand for 15 minutes to brew and cool. Sip as needed to relieve tightness and congestion in the chest and clear the sinuses.

Cayenne Pepper Gargle
To relive painful sore throats, cayenne pepper can be mixed with warm water and used as a gargle, according to the Medicinal Plants of the Southwest website. Cayenne has anti-microbial properties and can be used to disinfect and kill pathogens, including some bacteria and viruses that are responsible for sore throats. David Conway suggests mixing 1/4 tsp. cayenne with a cup of warm water and gargling several times a day as needed.

The health benefits of cayenne are unending, and simply adding cayenne to your diet is an easy way to cure all sorts of ailments. It’s especially useful as a preventative medicine and we urge you to further your knowledge and use of this epically delightful herb!

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